Opportunities don't happen. You create them. - Chris Grosser
Fledge Capital was founded in 2010 by Louis van der Watt and Konrad Fleischhauer. Together and on their own, they have a long history of investments in unlisted businesses. They sought to formalise their relationship into a formal investment vehicle, which led to the establishment of Fledge Capital.

Louis van der Watt

Louis van der Watt CA (SA). Louis is a co-founder and CEO of the multinational Atterbury Property Group. As an experienced entrepreneur, Louis is an expert in private equity investment.

Konrad Fleischhauer Konrad Fleischhauer B Eng (Industrial) Honours, MBA. Konrad is an experienced private equity investor. Before cofounding Fledge Capital with Louis van der Watt, he managed private equity investments at Gensec Private Equity, Treacle and Investec Principal Investments.
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